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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the process used to rebuild the hinges?
Here is a brief description:
  • Hinges are completely disassembled, cleaned and bead blasted.
  • Hinges are carefully inspected for wear or damage.
  • Repairs are made, as needed, on all bolt slots, teeth, and pivot points.
  • New superior oversize rivets are installed while retaining stock appearance and providing better than OEM reliability.
  • Springs are tested and, if needed, replaced for an additional cost.

What is the price structure?
Prices will differ according on the car model and the special finishing.
Different options are offered:
1.   Customer provides the core: Many enthusiasts prefer to send their hinges 
       in to be restored and to receive their hinges back. In this case, the price 
       is based on the type of car and the condition of the hood hinge.
2.   SMS provides the core: In this case we apply a core charge to the order. 
      The core charge fee is FULLY refundable, when you send your cores
       back to us. The cores must be rebuildable, must include the springs, and
       must not be badly rusted. Please refer to the SMS core policy.

What is SMS turn around time?
The turn around time is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year.

What is the SMS Core Policy?
All cores will be inspected. All cores sent to SMS must be rebuildable cores. Any cores sent that are damaged, unmatched, or have excessive rust, will result in additional cost to customer.